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The Rainmakers


The Rainmakers are a family band from Castlemaine in Central Victoria. With Jane Thompson and Elsie, Naomi, Maggie and James Rigby playing lots of instruments and creating harmonies that only come from a lifetime of singing together, they have been entertaining audiences since 2006. That was when they travelled as a family around the West and North of Australia and supported themselves for six months working in schools, performing for arts councils and putting on spontaneous concerts in camp grounds.

They are now performing regularly around Victoria for arts councils and festivals creating new songs and working in schools with young people discovering just what is possible.

Their new cd "Yandoit' is a collection of songs that relate in different ways to the experience of Christmas in Australia. Details can be seen here

The Rainmakers second CD 'Singing Up A Storm' was recorded in late 2008 and contains 14 tracks of original and older songs featuring complex arrangements of rich harmonies and a mix of acoustic instrumentation. Try as we might we can't come up with a better idea for a meaningful and welcome Christmas gift.

They can be purchased directly from us via phone or email or from Burke's online music store here.


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